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Top 3 Korean dishes to enjoy during the winter season in the UAE

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Temperature is getting cooler in the UAE as the coldest month January is approaching soon. 

You might be wondering what kind of food would keep your body warm and cozy.

We recommend warm soups such as Kalguksoo (Noodle soup), Seollongtang  (Beef soup) and Tteok Mandu-guk (Rice cake & dumpling soup).

1. Kalguksoo (Noodle soup; 칼국수): Wheat flour noodles in chicken/seafood (depending on chicken/seafood Kalguksoo choice we provide) broth with various vegetables and shredded chicken (or seafood)

It is a large meal that will fill up your hungry stomach. Get ready to take a nap after emptying the bowl!

2. Seollongtang (Beef soup; 설렁탕):

Beef broth (made from ox bones, brisket and other cuts) with shredded beef, wheat flour thin noodles and chives


Usually Seollongtang with white steamed rice and diced radish kimchi (Kkakdugi; 깍두기) is the best combo!

3. Tteok Mandu-guk (Rice cake & Dumpling Soup; 떡만두국)

You'll be able to enjoy this soup that contains chewy rice cake flakes and steamed dumplings all-in-one. 

Dumplings are add-ons to Tteokguk, a dish Koreans eat on Korean New Years Day with all their family. If you eat this, you'll become one year older ;) 

Now you know some snippets of each of the menu, so why don't you visit us to try these out with your family and friends? 

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