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What is Tteokbokki?

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Tteokbokki (떡볶이) is a famous Korean street food loved by many.

It is mainly made of long, soft rice cakes (Tteok; ) with Eomuk (fish cake; 어묵) onions, cabbage and spicy pepper paste (고추장).

Gungjung (= Royal court) Tteokbokki was the original that was served to the King during the monarchy long time ago in Korean history.

Later, after pepper began to be widely used in Korea, it adapted into a spicy flavor.

Did you know?

There are many types of Tteokbokki!

- Soup style Tteokbokki (Gukmul Tteokbokki; 국물떡볶이)

This is the most common type where you can find it in any place you go to eat Tteokbokki.

- Tteokbokki stir fried in oil (Gireum Tteokbokki; 기름떡볶이)

You can usually find this in local street markets (famously known Tong-in market in Seochon, Seoul) in Korea. This type of Tteokbokki is widely known for its crispy and soft texture.

 Watch how it's made! [Click to watch]


Today, there are a few extra variants added to Tteokbokki such as:

- Cheese 

- Ramyeon noodles

Come and try BonGa’s signature menu “Special Tteokbokki” to taste the spiciness with mozarella cheese & ramen noodles!


*Fun fact: 

Koreans even use Carbonara sauce instead of pepper paste for a creamy flavor!

Tastes just like cream pasta but with Tteok instead ;)

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